June 6th, 2021

What is new in the month of June?

Sermon Series” When Life gets Tough” concludes this week:
“Stressed Out? Get Out! Here’s How”
– (Psalm 25)
Next week: “How to Handle Aging” – (Psalm 90)

Monday June 28th: our 1st day of our fireworks booth will begin. Ask pastor freeman if you are interested in volunteering.
– Continuing our ministry to help those in need:
Help by donating Decent Jeans and / or New Socks
We also accept any cans or non-perishable food
Bibles to those who need one. If you know some who needs a Bible, see Pastor Freeman.

Global Ministry Requests
Please Pray For:
-The removal of obstacles preventing students from studying at some learning centers in one additional area.
– For those who have found it difficult to secure continued needed healthcare, because of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns.
-For the opportunities to expand our discipleship training for many who are coming to faith in Christ, even during this pandemic.
-For the safety, perseverance, health and resilience of our workers in every additional area. Several are waiting for surgeries and medical care, but facilities and healthcare workers are stretched to the limits with COVID-19 response. Pray for the healing and renewed strength of our missionaries, pastors, and church leaders to serve God for the long term.
-For those who work in additional areas, whose families are blended, and therefore require special immigration protocols to be met, that God will make the way smooth for them to travel on home assignments, able to exit and enter their country of assignment without difficulty.

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